Sunroom Model 400


The high-density 3″ foam panels ensure a warm and cozy environment, while the robust 3″ aluminum extrusions provide sturdy support against wind and snow loads. All extrusions feature commercial-grade thermal breaks to minimize condensation and heat loss. Additionally, the windows are made of high-efficiency glass with Low-E Argon gas, offering an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Patio Room Walls

The Sunspace Patio Room System is perfect for seasonal use. With high-density 2″ foam panels and sturdy 2″ aluminum extrusions, it extends the enjoyment of your preferred seasons. Featuring a diverse range of premium door and window systems, this room is custom designed to suit your needs.

Therma Deck

Therma-Deck is a pre-manufactured floor deck known for its strength and insulation. It’s available in 4-1/2″ thick R17, 6-1/2″ thick R26, and 8-1/4″ thick R35 options. The panels comprise Engineered Oriented Strand Board sheets that encapsulate the insulating core, creating a robust product. This reduces the need for expensive foundation work and minimizes installation labor costs.

With its finished surface, your Therma-Deck is prepared for the final flooring, whether it be carpet, tile, laminates, or hardwood. Thanks to Therma-Deck’s inherent strength, it can also serve as a roofing material, accommodating shingles on the exterior and various interior ceiling finishes. Consult your dealer for further details on Therma-Deck products and their applications.

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